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Insulation Questions and Answers section

Why Insulate?

It’s all about being comfortable in your home. And insulation products offer a variety of easy, cost-effective ways to achieve that goal. When your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, your HVAC system runs more efficiently and can last longer. You’ll save money, use less energy and add value to your home.

So whether you’re adding an addition to your home or just looking to increase energy efficiency and comfort, insulation products provide numerous benefits:

  • Help regulate indoor temperatures year-round
  • Reduce heating and cooling bills
  • Increase operating efficiency for your HVAC system
  • Reduce unwanted inside and outside noise
  • Improve indoor air quality by preventing mold, moisture and allergens from getting inside your home
  • Add fire protection*
  • Lasts the life of your home
  • Add value to your home


Not quite sure where to start? Start with some of the basic questions below to help you figure out the differences between certain insulation types and learn how to pick out the right insulation for your project.
Which insulation do I need?